Elegy for a dead world

Elegy for a Dead World

This is in the category of breaking news, because I just discovered it and haven’t really dug into yet, but I’m sharing it now for those interested in writing, particularly my friends in the Your Turn Challenge.

DISCLAIMER: this has the potential to consume a lot of your time, though you may find it rewarding and even productive.

I was listening to “To the Best of Our Knowledge” on the radio the other day (link to this episode here) and heard about a new video game called “Elegy for a Dead World”, which is played by writing, and influenced by the work of Shelley, Keats and Byron.  The player controls an astronaut who can move in the four cardinal directions, and you basically explore the world.  At different points in the game you encounter quill pen icons, where you then write.  You may be presented with lines of poetry or prose and have to fill in blanks, but there are no limits on how much you write.  You can stop at any time and your writing is saved, and once you’re done you have written the story of the game.  You are then presented with a graphic novel containing graphics and your writing, and you can share your work with others.  As developer Ichiro Lambe says “it’s simply an environment for you to create in”.  There’s no winning or losing, your reward is your creation.  As I say, I’ve just started, and I can tell it’s going to be an interesting experience.

It’s available for Mac, Windows and Linux, costs about $15, and requires Steam, which is a free download.



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3 responses to “Elegy for a dead world

  1. nydia

    That’s awesome – basically a gamification of the discipline of writing. I might just have to try it out…

  2. looks interesting enough to give it a go..must say i get to feeling like i have homework everynite trying to keep up with the group’s posts..we’ve got a bunch of good writers going so they are hard to resist..reminds me of grad school..maybe this will be fun for a weekend treat..Many thanks for sharing.

    • One addendum: I listened to the TTBOOK episode again, and the host said it actually doesn’t take very long to go through it. I just played for a few minutes after installing it. I know what you mean about homework–I write a post I’m happy with, and then read a half dozen I think are better.