My plan for 2011: reading!

I’ve been wanting to do more reading, something more significant than fantasy, thrillers, or how-to nonfiction (I read a surprising amount of the latter).  I’ve been thinking about “best of” lists (prompted by the BBC list posted to facebook recently), so I combined the BBC list and a similar one posted by editors at Time magazine, and then sorted and removed the duplicates, leaving 183.  My goal (I have no idea whether it’s reasonable for one year, or will take three) will be to read these books.
And on the topic of reading, I’m thinking seriously of buying a Kindle reader.  I’ve used their iPhone app to read several novels, and recently realized one huge benefit to the device: no books piling up around the house.  Kindle editions are usually a bit more expensive than paperbacks (which doesn’t make any sense), but Amy and I buy a lot of books, so shelf space is always at a premium.  We cope by boxing up the books we no longer need and donating them to the library, but with ebooks we won’t have to deal with that.  Of course the library suffers, but we’ll find a way to help them out.

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